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Here comes the quality over quantity

The Evolution of Ads

The Sweetspot that no one talks about.

The Real Issue With the Current Sytems

  • They do it in very basic terms with no tangible return in…

The Subtle Differences

What is RFM Segment?

How is it calculated?

  • Recency: How much time…

It’s simpler than you think

Turn your website visitors to customers

Myth-busting Former Beliefs

How to do an A/B Test Right?

A good refresher for the marketing department

What is A/B Testing?

Look No Further than Data Science

  • How to know which customers have churned or will churn in the future?
  • How to approach these customers, which what offers and promotions?
  • What will trigger these customers to make them return?
  • Why they have churned in the first place?

The Most Overlooked Factors

  • Opinion oriented presumtions
  • Ignoring the facts
  • Targeting the wrong audience for marketing campaigns
  • Not knowing what the customers actually need

Double Trouble

Data Science to the Rescue

The Cheap Tricks and How it Fails

Nothing New Just a Fresh Reminder

The General Intuition of ROAS

M Ahmed Tayib

Data Scientist @Enhencer

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